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Are you interested in introducing entrepreneurship, innovation, and problem-solving concepts to your students? We are excited to introduce KidInnovator, a curriculum toolkit for upper elementary and middle school students! Try it out by clicking on the FREE Activity below. The full KidInnovator curriculum toolkit is licensed for $129 annually. It's perfect for the traditional classroom, after-school programs, camps, or homeschool settings!



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Are you in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding areas? Local sponsors, led by Hills Bank, have made KidInnovator available FREE to local educators for 2023-24! Click purchase to select the option to access at no cost.


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Created by middle school teachers

Over the last two years the Jacobson Institute has transferred our entrepreneurship camps into an online program.  In the process KidInnovator was born!  KidInnovator is a fun, interactive curriculum full of activities that will empower your students to think outside the box, work in teams, and solve problems through entrepreneurship.  KidInnovator is turn-key, with no training needed.  Each unit comes with teacher notes, a slide deck, and student activity worksheets.  The full curriculum toolkit is online, and works well for in-person or online education.  Try the Free Unit today!

What kids are saying about KidInnovator

These quotes came directly from students participating in our virtual KidInnovator camp summers 2020 and 2021. This feedback inspired us to roll the program out nationwide.

“My favorite part was being able to present my pitch in front of everyone.”  
- Momo, 6th grade

“I like that we had free rein and could create whatever.”
-Jaiden, 6th grade

“I loved learning like a professional.”
-Mia, 6th grade

“I liked getting feedback from everyone!”
-Tabitha, 5th grade

“I learned a lot about innovation and how to take my idea and turn it into a business that solves problems.” 
-Rylyn, 5th grade

“Loved the program!”
-Stella, 6th grade

“I learned some vocabulary and ideas around starting my own business. Good examples of people who did it - starting with an idea and working their way up to a company.”
-Daniel, 7th grade

“My favorite part was making the pitch for my product. I truly enjoyed this!”
-Ava, 8th grade

“I liked everything, I wouldn’t change anything”
-Sarah, 5th grade

What teachers are saying about KidInnovator

 “These materials provide differentiation and student agency at its finest! The modules build student independence and confidence as they realize their ideas hold power to the world around them! At the heart of it, these modules are supporting the growth of employable, autonomous, connected, problem solvers!”

- Reagan Boeset, Elementary Principal, Iowa City Community School District, and former Middle School STEM Teacher

“Simply put, KidInnovator is FUN! Students get to explore their ideas and create something that excites them. KidInnovator Toolkit has helped me engage even the most challenging learners in my classroom. I recommend KidInnovator Toolkit to any and all middle-grade teachers looking to immerse their students in the world of entrepreneurship!”

-Jade Peterson, Virtual Middle School Science Teacher, Des Moines Public School District, and KidInnovator Camp Lead Teacher

Learn more

The KidInnovator Curriculum Toolkit will take students on a deep dive into investigating the role that networking, personality, and self-reflection play in the innovation and entrepreneurship processes. The toolkit will end by having students pitch their ideas like a BOSS!

  • Pacing: The full toolkit has the flexibility to fit your needs: adaptable as a short unit, semester-long course, or one-off activity (great option for fun Friday activities!)
  • Materials Required: Aside from paper for the students' use, everything you need is right here.
  • Classroom Outcomes: 
    • Students will be able to describe the importance of networking as a tool for social and professional connection building. 
    • Students will practice appropriate interactions intended to form deeper social connections, including handshakes. 
    • Students will investigate and discuss the personality and qualities of entrepreneurs as well as work to evaluate their own personalities.
    • Students will get an introduction to the process of innovation and idea development. 
  • Teacher Facilitation: The teacher is the facilitator as students drive the innovation and entrepreneurial process.
Works in all classrooms
  • Turn-key and ready to use
  • Works in-person and virtually
  • Perfect for careers, business, and technology courses, but can be incorporated into any subject area
  • Flexible and designed to meet your needs: Adaptable as a short unit, semester-long course, or one-off activity (Great option for Fun Friday activities!)
  • Cross-curricular learning
Equips students with future ready skills
  • Individualized learning that sparks innovation and imaginative thinking
  • Focuses on problem and project-based learning to excite learners 
  • Utilizes hands-on and team activities to boost communication skills and confidence
  • Prepares students for future business, innovation, and entrepreneurship courses 
  • Transferable skills for college and career readiness
Creates a cutting-edge classroom
  • Ties to invention, design thinking, and entrepreneurship education 
  • Empowers students to be their own boss 
  • Places students and educators on the forefront of where education is going 
  • Sparks interest and connections with local business community 
  • Taps into students’ passions and skills 
  • Real-world application- students see their ideas turn into businesses and invention
  • The annual fee for the entire online curriculum toolkit is $129.00 per academic year. License per year for unlimited usage to fit your needs. (no limit to class or student usage)
  • The annual fee is waived for schools in the Iowa City - Cedar Rapids corridor thanks to generous sponsorship from Hills Bank, Iowa City Area Development Group, Marion Chamber, and Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO). See full list below.
Licensing details

The University of Iowa owns the copyright for KidInnovator. You are expected to renew your license each school year (another reason we've kept the license fee so low). 

How to pay
  • Perkins funding
  • General budget
  • COVID-19 funding

Sponsored school districts

Thanks to local sponsorship from Hills Bank, Iowa City Area Development, Marion Chamber, and Marion Economic Development Corportation (MEDCO) the KidInnovator annual license for the 2023-24 school year is FREE for educators at the following school districts and private schools.

“Hills Bank is proud to partner with the Jacobson Institute to provide free access to their KidInnovator toolkit to our local upper elementary and middle school students. Hills Bank was founded on the principle that banks should care about the people they serve and provide ways to help them prosper.  We believe our support helps children (and adults) gain the tools they need to become more engaged citizens and leaders in their communities.”

- Amanda Arn, Community Relations Officer, Hills Bank

All Saints School

Cedar Rapids Community School District

Cedar Valley Christian School 

Faith Academy  

Heritage Christian

Iowa City Comm School District

Isaac Newton Christian Academy

LaSalle Catholic Elementary School

LaSalle Catholic Middle School 

Lisbon Community School District

Marion Independent School District

Mid Prairie School District

Mount Vernon School District

Regina Elementary School

Regis Middle School 

St James Elem School  

St Joseph School 

St Matthew School 

St Pius X School 

Summit Schools Inc 

Trinity Lutheran School 

Washington Community School District

Willowwind School

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