Creative Book Folding is a business that creates unique, customizable gifts and decorations out of thrifted and recycled books. Creative Book Folding repurposes old books from landfills and transforms them into household keepsakes.


Tobelli is a biodegradable food packaging innovation that repurposes the cellulose found in tobacco to create a thin food packaging film that not only aids in the storage of food but also its preservation.


MetaCar merges the rising market of the VR metaverse with car dealerships. Using real 3D lidar scans of vehicles for sale, users can view any car from anywhere, as if they were at the dealership.

Fall 2021 Winners!

Omega Speech and Debate

Omega Speech and Debate (OSD) is an LLC that offers online public speaking and debate classes, summer camps, workshops, and private coaching services to students in grades 6-12.


MINIMA is a beautifully crafted and advanced miniature pottery wheel that is also portable and easy to assemble. It comes with innovative features like centering and opening arms to help beginners learn pottery quickly.


iCane, is a smart cane for those challenged with mobility. iCane is designed to instill confidence and ensure the safety of its user, empowering them to lead an active lifestyle.