BizInnovator Startup brings DesignDash to Business Horizons!

A Joint Professional Development Offering brought to you by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation and the Jacobson Institute at the University of Iowa.

Presenters:  Dawn Bowlus (Jacobson Institute) and Jessi McQuerrey (ABI Foundation)

Join us in Des Moines, IA for a multi-day onsite workshop focused on innovation, invention and entrepreneurship in action!

Attend 1, 2, or 3 Days - Your Choice!

DesignDash @ Business Horizons
Dates, Times & Location:

  • ONSITE: Sunday, July 14: DesignDash@BH Part 1: What's Your Problem & Find Your People
    • 2:00-8:20 PM CST (Supper included)
  • ONSITE: Monday, July 15: DesignDash@BH Part 2: Know Your Customer, Persevere, Iterate, Pivot, and Pitch it #1
    • 8:00 AM-5:00 PM CST (Lunch included)
  • ONSITE: Thursday, July 18: DesignDash@BH Final Round: Investor Pitches, Infomercials, Industry Meeting and Trade Show 
    • 8:15 AM-4:30 PM CST (Lunch included)
  • ONLINE: Friday, July 26 via Zoom - Teacher Debrief and Presentations 
    • 9-10:30 AM CST (Required for educators earning graduate credit)

Cost for PD: $50 (participant is responsible for all food, travel and lodging to Des Moines, IA). Payment options are to bring a check to the onsite PD or mail in advance to:

Jacobson Institute University of Iowa
108 Pappajohn Business Building C102
Iowa City, IA 52242

Memo: DesignDash@BH PD

Graduate Credit Option: Participants are able to earn 1 graduate credit for an additional cost of $149. Participants must attend two onsite days as well as the online session in order to earn graduate credit.
(If you are interested in earning additional graduate credits, consider signing up for the BizInnovator Startup Teacher Certificate Program offered online 3 times each year. Up to 3 graduate credits are available via this online program.)

Description: DesignDash is a speedy startup excursion for high school students. Participants identify a problem, work in teams alongside industry to understand the problem and create an early-stage value proposition. DesignDash is fast-paced and hands-on. DesignDash gives participants the opportunity to experience being part of an entrepreneurial startup.

Business Horizons is a week-long summer experience for Iowa high school students hosted by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation. Students use the Jacobson Institute's BizInnovator Startup curriculum as part of their program.    

Contact Information: Please contact us at with any questions about this program.

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Educators who participate in BizInnovator Startup onsite PD have the option to receive 1 graduate credit from the University of Iowa. For DesignDash@BH, two days onsite participation and one additional online session are required. Are you interested in learning more about this opportunity?