Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship – BizInnovator Startup Comes to you LIVE from Business Horizons!

A Joint Professional Development Offering brought to you by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation and the Jacobson Institute at the University of Iowa.

Presenters:  Dawn Bowlus (Jacobson Institute) and Jessi McQuerrey (ABI Foundation)

Dates, Times & Location:

  • ONSITE: July 19, 2023 Pella, IA from 8:45 – 4:30 CST - Spend the day visiting local industry - tours and conversation
  • ONSITE: July 20, 2023 Central College, Pella, IA from 8:45 - 4:30 CST - Spend the day shadowing students at Business Horizons
  • ONLINE: July 27, 2023 via Zoom from 4-5:30 CST - Teacher Debrief and Presentations

Cost for PD: $50 (participant is responsible for all food, travel and lodging to Pella, IA). Payment options are to bring a check to the onsite PD or mail in advance to:

Jacobson Institute
30 North Dubuque Street
Iowa City, IA 52242

Memo: Business Horizons PD

Graduate Credit Option: Participants are able to earn 1 graduate credit for an additional cost of $149. Participants must attend both onsite days as well as the online session in order to earn graduate credit.
(If you are interested in earning additional graduate credits, consider signing up for the BizInnovator Startup Teacher Certificate Program offered online 3 times each year. Up to 3 graduate credits are available via this online program.)

On Day 1 of the onsite portion of this workshop, participants will engage in industry tours, have a first hand opportunity to look, listen, and learn about how innovation and entrepreneurial thinking play into the success stories of local businesses. 

On Day 2 of the onsite portion of this workshop, participants will shadow high school students engaging in the final day of Business Horizons – a statewide weeklong entrepreneurial program for high school students in grades 9-12.  Workshop participants will listen to investor pitches, watch infomercials, network with industry advisors/volunteers, and attend the end-of-event trade show. Participants will learn how Business Horizons is using the BizInnovator Startup entrepreneurship curriculum to create an entrepreneurial startup environment. Participants will leave with information about BizInnovator Startup, the Business Horizons packet of materials, and get an inside look at the behind-the-scenes process to implement this type of hands on learning.

Following the onsite portion of the workshop, participants will participate in one online session (90 minutes). Participants will debrief what they saw at Business Horizons, have direct access to the Business Horizons program coordinator and student participants via a panel discussion. As the culminating project, teacher participants will present their vision for innovation and entrepreneurship education in their classroom/school. In addition, participants will learn about professional development opportunities, programs supporting business-education partnerships, resources for problem- and project-based learning… 

Participants have the option to join for 1 or 2 days. Note: PD cost is the same regardless of one day or two. Participants who attend only one day are not eligible to earn graduate credit (unless bundled with other PD offerings as outlined above).

Please contact us at with any questions about this program.

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