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Get equipped to integrate innovation and entrepreneurial concepts into your curriculum through the Jacobson Institute's professional development for educators. The PD, curriculum and assessment resources -- backed by the research expertise of the University of Iowa -- will prepare you to embed the concepts in your work. So you can confidently teach the innovation and entrepreneurship concepts you know will help students succeed.

The problem-finders and problem-solvers are ready to succeed in college and careers. You know they need transferable skills for the 21st century.  The Jacobson Institute professional development programs help you gain training in innovation, inventiveness and entrepreneurship.  We help you help your students develop problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and resiliency.

STEM Innovator®professional development targets secondary educators in designing their learning environments to infuse innovation, invention and entrepreneurial thinking into their STEM offerings. Learn to build partnerships with business, industry, and nonprofit organizations, so your students can work on real-life problems relevant to your community. Employ the latest teaching methodologies to build innovative environments for students to demonstrate future-ready skills for college and career success.

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STEM Innovator®


BizInnovator professional development takes business, marketing and entrepreneurship educators on a deep dive into the latest methodologies for teaching entrepreneurship. Learn how to incorporate Design Thinking and the Lean Startup method, including Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery. Design or redesign your entrepreneurship class, making it more hands-on and problem-focused.

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BizInnovator Startup