Use the STEM Innovator®Portfolio Tool with your students to develop and capture their innovation skills and project work overtime.  This tool is changing the way students demonstrate workforce and college readiness competencies!



  • Facilitates the implementation of problem-based learning in any course
  • Develops and captures growth in innovation skills, mindsets, and concepts overtime
  • Community partners can provide expertise and real-time feedback during the innovation process.
  • Students analyze feedback from peers, educators, and community partners to make data-driven decisions as they innovate solutions to real-world problems.

Click on each ICON title to watch a brief overview video.

STEM Innovator Pitch

Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity While Pitching Solutions for Feedback

STEM Innovator Prototype

Spotlights Technical Features of Solution & Value Proposition

STEM Innovator Proficiency

Access to reflection questions, sample pitch videos, user support information

Start using the online STEM Innovator® Portfolio Tool today!

  • Licensed annually
  • $299 annual license for high school and post-secondary school educators for the 2022-23 school year when purchased before September 1, 2022 ($349 after September 1st, 2022)
  • $149 annual license for middle school and elementary school educators

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Research Driven

An extensive, multi-year longitudinal research study led by Dr. Leslie Flynn of the Jacobson Institute indicates significant growth of students using STEM Innovator®in the following areas:

  • 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skills and Mindsets (Resilience, Adaptability, Leadership, Teamwork, Grit, Decision Making)
  • NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

Significant growth persists when data is disaggregated by gender, racial classification, and school demographics.

Offer High School Students College Credit

To be Eligible

  • Teachers: Must be a STEM Innovator®Certified instructor by completing our professional development workshops 1-5.
  • Students: High school freshmen through seniors working with STEM Innovator®Certified instructors must achieve a score of 70% percent or greater on the proficiency exam and successfully complete a project portfolio. 
  • Those who pass are eligible for three University of Iowa entrepreneurship credits from the Tippie College of Business, at a reduced course fee of $150.  The credits are transferable at most colleges and universities in the United States.
STEM Innovator Portfolio Tool

Brian Cyr

STEM Innovator®Certified High School Instructor, Architecture & Engineering and Business Startup at Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX), Iowa

"The STEM Innovator®Portfolio is a go-to resource for my classroom.  It helps me understand the skill sets and interests of my students, as well as providing measurable data on their learning during the semester.  The feedback tools enable students to honestly assess themselves and their teammates, giving them an opportunity to build on critical thinking and reasoning skills."