Thursday, November 21, 2019

We asked a BizInnovator certified teacher what a day in her life was like in her BizInnovator Classroom. Read below to see what she had to say and how BizInnovator could benefit your classroom!

What format do you teach BI in? (I.e. semester, afterschool, trimester)

I teach BI during a trimester.

What has been the most beneficial part of the curriculum?

I believe BI has given more structure and rigor to my classroom. Especially, in the accounting and cost analysis section of the course. The students walk away with a better understanding of accounting terms and meanings as well as the ability to use those terms in real conversations as they look at starting their own businesses.

What did you gain from BI training?

I gained more confidence in my understanding of the topic and ability to teach the material.  I also gained a University of Iowa credit opportunity for my students. All my students take the final exam, and for the most part I have high percentage rates of students who earn the credit. They are excited about the class and so am I!

What would you tell other teachers who are on the fence about signing up?

Most teachers teach to give opportunities to students, if you aren't doing BI then you aren't giving all the opportunities you can to all your students. You may have to pay for the training experience, which is a small PD expense, but your district should find $99 a year to purchase the curriculum to save your students thousands of dollars. It will give you something to bring to the faculty meeting that is just as valuable as the AP classes but it comes from the CTE area we are thought of as the "dumping ground" and those kids that are dumped there will shine.